RETC conference, San Diego, California
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June, 2017: TunnelTalk reports on the proceedings of the RETC 2017 event in San Diego, USA, including news of the California High Speed Rail project, presentations on the SR99 experience in Seattle, development issues for underground infrastructure and interviews from the sold-out exhibition hall.

RETC 2017 Exhibition Preview - TunnelTalk, April 2017
International WTC gathering in San Francisco - TunnelTalk, April 2016


RETC conference, San Diego, California

TunnelTalk reporting
Interviewed in order of appearance: Victor Romero
Conference Vice-Chair, RETC 2017
McMillen Jacods Associates
  James Wonneberg
Delegate: McMillen Jacobs Associates
  Sanja Zlatanic and Gordon Clark
Exhibitor: HNTB
  Michelle Boehm
SoCal Regional Director
California High-Speed Rail Authority
  John Reilly
Delegate: Independent Consultant
  Professor Priscilla Nelson
Delegate: Colorado School of Mines
  Michael Roach
Chair, UCA of SME
Delegate: Traylor Bros