Dubrovnik plan to ease traffic congestion
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20 February, 2013: Dr Andro Vlahušić, Mayor of the Mediterranean city Dubrovnik, Croatia, describes continuing development of a city road project to help ease traffic congestion between the port and the historic walled centre of the city during the height of the cruise ship tourist season. A grant from the French Government is supporting feasibility studies and promoting the application for EU funding of the project ahead of Croatia's accession to the European Union as a new member nation in July of this year (2013).

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Dubrovnik plan to ease traffic congestion

Paula Wallis reports for TunnelTalk
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Plan for a two-lane, 800m long road tunnel
Part of a one way system to drop tourists from buses and taxis at the gates of the old city walls and collect them for the return trip to the port on the two-lane surface streets of the one-way system
A project promoted by the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Project value:
Yet to be estimated
Project procurement:
Possible PPP (public-private partnership) or BOOT concession
Contract award:
An award of the concession agreement for construction to begin in 2015, the year that Dubrovnik will host the ITA General Assembly and World Tunnel Congress
Project opening:
Yet to be confirmed