Advertising campaign opportunities		2018-19

TunnelTalk advertisers and media partners benefit from
  • Top quality articles and videos
  • Free and unrestricted reader access
  • A fully searchable research library archive
  • A free weekly Alert email of the latest editorial content
  • A database of global Alert recipients
  • Industry-wide advertising exposure
  • Tailored marketing strategies
  • Hotlinked web advertising
  • An Annual Review printed magazine publication
High-quality, Alert-driven, industry-specific readership
As an advertiser, TunnelTalk offers you:
  • Industry specific readers: The magazine is a formidable vehicle for getting your message to the international tunnelling community of owners, contractors, consulting engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, educators, students and all with an interest in the underground design and construction industry.
  • Global exposure: A high-quality, worldwide readership in all part of the industry
  • Exciting design opportunities: Creative and dynamic advertising opportunities with animation and video content for maximum effect and impact
  • Direct access: All advertisements are hotlinked to either:
    • Any page on your company’s website
    • A pdf download of a company brochure
    • A company or project video
    Multiple hotlink buttons can be accommodated in the one web advertisement.
  • Weekly advertisement campaigns: Our free weekly Alert email or newsletter drives readers to our web magazine and from there to your ad campaign.
  • Targeted readers: Our Alert email, which is now sent to more than 7,500 registered readers, goes only to those who have requested it personally and have registered themselves to the database: no spamming or unsolicited sends.
Advertising options and campaigns
There are three platforms for advertising with TunnelTalk –
The web magazine
The weekly Alert 
The Annual Review printed magazine yearbook.
Lift your advertisement off the page and onto the web
The web magazine attracts up to 100,000 readers per month worldwide. The advertising spots on the magazine include full screen Panorama ads and Poster ads on the landing pages and Poster ads on all our article pages.
The free weekly Alert is an email of the new editorial content for each week that goes out to more than 7,500 registered Alert recipients every Thursday. Advertisement spots on the Alert are Single Logo ads, 2 Block and 4 Block ads, and Horizontal and Vertical Banner ads.
All ads on the Alert are viewed by all the Alert recipients around the world.
All ads on the Alert and on the web magazine click through to either
  • page on your company website,
  • to a video or
  • to a pdf brochure download.
The Annual Review publication brings together the reporting on the web magazine into a single printed yearbook that is distributed freely at the major international tunnelling conferences and events through each year.
Contact us for further details on how to build an advertisement campaign with TunnelTalk to fit your requirements.
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