Robbins returns hard rock TBM technology to Norway
Robbins returns hard rock TBM technology to Norway

12 August 2014 - Robbins Video News Release: Norway builds more than 80km of tunnels annually, but for the last 22 years, none have been excavated using TBM technology. Recently the country began a TBM revival with application of a Robbins 7.2m diameter hard rock main beam machine for the Røssåga hydro project in the far north of the country, near the Arctic Circle. Watch in-depth site interviews about acceptance of the TBM alternative to the traditional drill+blast design; selection of the Robbins machine; performance of the TBM in exceptionally hard and abrasive rock; and the future use of TBMs in Norway. Note also the use of button bit cutters on this hard rock TBM application.

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