ITA Vancouver roundup - TunnelCast

June 2010: Vancouver, Canada, gave a warm welcome to the more than 900 delegates that convened in the 2010 Winter Olympic city in May to participate in the 36th General Assembly and World Tunnel Congress of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA).

ITA success at Vancouver - TunnelTalk, June 2010


ITA-AITES Working Groups

WG 20:
Urban Problems, Underground Solutions
WG 19:
Conventional Tunnelling
WG 18:
WG 17:
Long Tunnels at Great Depth
WG 16:
WG 15:
Underground and Environmen
WG 14:
Mechanized Tunnelling
WG 13:
Direct and indirect Advantages of Underground Structures
WG 12:
Sprayed concrete us
WG 11:
Immersed and Floating Tunnels
WG 10:
Costs and Advantages of Urban Public Transport
WG 9:
Seismic Effects
WG 8:
Catalog of Tunnels
WG 7:
General Approaches to Design
WG 6:
Maintenance and Repair