WTC 2013 Exhibition preview 02 May 2013
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Split across three levels and almost 5,200m2 of floor area of the Geneva International Convention Centre, this year's WTC2013 trade exhibition promises to be one of the best yet. In total more than 115 exhibitors will be represented. Level 1, the upper level, features exhibitors from Switzerland, with international companies occupying trade space around the middle and lower levels. Use our interactive booth locator to navigate to exhibition area. A click on the booth numbers will highlight the company location on the floorplans. See a full list of all exhibitors below. TunnelTalk will be in Geneva and we look forward to seeing you there.

List of confirmed exhibitors at the WTC2013 event

Company Name Booth no/Lavel
ACO Passavant AG S14/L 1
AFTES Plant Equipment Branch G55 / G56/L 0
AGIR Aggregat AG M11/L -1
ARGE Transtec Gotthard S29/L 1
Altamira Information N9/L -1
Amberg Group G04/L 0
Arcadis Geotechnika a.s. L17/L -1
ArcelorMittal L15/L -1
Armaspez GmbH S12/L 1
Astra BAV G60/L 0
Atlas Copco Schweiz AG G25/L 0
Avesco AG, Langenthal G34,35/L 0
BASF G46, 47/L 0
BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA S23/L 1
Basler & Hofmann AG S02/L 1
Becker Mining America L11/L -1
Bochumer Eisenhütte Heintzmann L10/L -1
Brokk AB L08/L -1
CBT Brazilian Tunnelling Committee G05/L 0
CIFA SpA G14, 15/L 0
CSC Impresa Costruzioni SA S30/L 1
Caterpillar Tunneling Canada G28, 29/L 0
Consorzio Condotte Cossi, Lugano S28/L 1
DESOI GmbH M12/L -1
DMT GmbH & Co. KG L1/Level -1
DSI Dywidag-Systems International G09/L 0
Denka Chemicals GmbH M03/L -1
Dextra Group L04/L05/L -1
Dräger Safety Schweiz AG G57/L 1
Dätwyler Sealing Technologies G22/L 0
Dörken AG S06/L 1
EUROCONSULT Nuevas Technologias M9/L -1
Edy Toscano AG S11/L 1
Ein Shemer Rubber Industries Ltd L07/L -1
Elkuch Bator AG G24/L 0
FGU Fachgruppe für Untertagbau G39/L 0
FOGTEC Brandschutz L03/L -1
Fachverband Infra G58/L 0
Fermacell GmbH N08/L -1
Ferroflex AG S12/L 1
FiReP Rebar AG G06/L 0
Fischer Rista AG S09/L 1
Geodata S.p.A., Torino G23/L 0
Geodata Austria G09/L 0
Geokon Inc. G23/L 0
GermanBelt Systems N02/L -1
Giertsen Tunnel AS G62/L 0
Gruner AG S01/L 1
H-Bau Technik GmbH N05/L -1
HBI Haerter Consulting Engineers L18/L -1
HIC Corporation M10/L -1
Halfen GmbH N07/L -1
Herco Kühltechnik G38/L 0
Herrenknecht G43, 44, 48, 45/L 0
Hilti (Schweiz) AG M02/L -1
Hilti (Schweiz) AG S03/L 1
Holcim (Schweiz) AG G41, 42/L 0
Holcim (Schweiz) AG S15/L 1
Company Name Booth no/Lavel
IUB Ingenieur-Unternehmung AG S24/L 1
Implenia AG G25/L 1
Implenia AG G50,51/L 0
InfraTunnel SA S27/L 1
InnoTrans M07/L -1
Itech L14/L -1
Itmsoil L13/L -1
Jordahl GmbH N11/L -1
Jura-Cement-Fabriken AG S04/L 1
Kiener + Wittlin AG, Zollikofen S05/L 1
Liebherr-France SAS N10/L -1
Lombardi SA G63/L 1
MATRICS Consult Ltd. G07/L 0
Maccaferri S.p.A. G18, 19/L 0
Marti G36, 37/L 0
Mauerhofer & Zuber S31/L 1
Messe Berlin GmbH M07/L -1
Metalliance G53/L 0
MineARC Systems L12/L -1
Minova MAI GmbH M01/L -1
NFF Norwegian Tunnelling Society G01, 02/L 0
NFM Technologies G52/L 0
NV Bekaert SA G17/L 0
Normet International Ltd. G30, 31/L 0
Partner Associations G59/L 0
Pavemetrics Systems inc. M09/L -1
Pini Associati Ingegneri S22/L 1
Promat AG N06/L -1
Pöyry Infra AG G03/L 0
Pöyry Infra AG S20/L 1
RBL-REI France G54/L 0
RODIO Geotechnik AG, Urdorf (ZH) S16/L 1
ROWA/Belloli G20, 21/L 0
Rascor International AG M06/L -1
Rocksoil S.p.A. G08/L 0
Ruwa Drahtschweisswerk AG S13/L 1
S.E.L.I. SpA G16/L 0
SFS unimarket AG S08/L 1
SIKA G32, 33/L 0
SIKA S07/L 1
SIREG S.p.A. L06/L -1
SPS Consulting L02/L -1
Sandvik G34, 35/L 0
Schauenburg Tunnel-Ventilation GmbH G38/L 0
Siso SA S19/L 0
Solexperts AG, Mönchaltorf S26/L 1
Stirling Lloyd Polychem Ltd. N03/L -1
Subterra N09/L -1
Schweizerischer Baumeisterverband G58/L 0
Swiss IT-Factory AG G40/L 0
T.R.E. srl Tele-Rilevamento Europa M04/L -1
TAC Corporation M08/L -1
Terratec, Tasmania Australia L09/L -1
The Robbins Company G12, 13/L 0
Trelleborg Ridderkerk BV M05/L -1
Trolex Ltd. N01/L -1
VMT GmbH G45/L 0
Vik Ørsta AS G61/L 0
Woertz Handels AG S10/L 1
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