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Senior SEM Engineer

Status: Open
Company: Dr. Sauer & Partners
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date posted: February, 2017

Dr. Sauer & Partners is an independent consultancy specialised in providing the full range of SEM design and construction management services for tunnels, shafts and caverns and has a position open for a Senior SEM Engineer for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project in Toronto, Canada.

The successful candidate will head the SEM team and implement the RES (required excavation and support) for the SEM works on the project and report to the contractor's tunnel manager. The Senior SEM Engineer manages the site supervision team, which includes the SEM/Geotechnical Engineers and the Senior SEM Inspectors.

In the field, the Senior SEM Engineer will:

  • evaluate and assess geologic and hydrologic conditions and approve, or if required, direct use of ground support categories and local measures;
  • manage the documentation of geologic conditions and monitoring data;
  • review daily, weekly and final reports produced by the contractor and the SEM Team members; and
  • coordinate with the contractor, track the construction schedule and provide input as required to improve production based on information received from the Senior SEM Inspectors.

The Senior SEM Engineer will produce monthly status reports and attend all required meetings.

At least 15 years of experience in SEM tunnelling and five years of experience on international projects is required. The position requires experience and knowledge in all construction steps, materials and equipment used.

  • Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)
  • 15 years +
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Temporary / Contract
  • Full Time

Dr. Sauer & Partners has a record of delivering high quality and innovative design solutions under tight program controls. To achieve this, we rely on our many talented, highly motivated employees. We welcome applications for the current vacancy in Toronto.

Please submit your application and resume to our Washington office email:

To find out more about Dr. Sauer & Partners, visit