NEW PRODUCTS AND INNOVATIONS Atlas Copco unveils new underground products Oct 2012
Atlas Copco News Release
Underground equipment and plant manufacturer Atlas Copco has introduced a number of innovations and additions to its extensive product range.
Chargetec UV2 ANFO charging truck

Chargetec UV2 ANFO charging truck

The Sweden-based company has brought to the civil tunnelling market a new ANFO charging truck, a new tunnel ventilation system and a package of new Boomer drilling jumbo upgrades.
Atlas Copco's new multidirectional ANFO charging truck, with a charging capacity of 130kg/min, is the latest generation of charging trucks developed by the underground products division of the company's GIA Industri subsidiary.
The single-boom truck is equipped with one or two vessels of 300, 500, 750 or 1,000 litres capacity for optimised charging of a full drill pattern from a fixed carrier position. The heavy duty carrier has articulated frame steering and four wheel drive, giving it high flexibility and maneuverability through the small turning radius of narrow tunnel headings. It may be equipped with diesel or electric hydraulics.
Also unveiled, following Atlas Copco's January 2012 acquisition of the GIA Industri SwedVent product line, is a new ventilation system that features high-pressure fans capable of delivering air into long tunnel headings at a capacity of 2.5m3 to 175m3/sec. SwedVent also includes flexible ducting and control systems.
Swedvent tunnel ventilation system

Swedvent tunnel ventilation system

For noise reduction the fans are equipped with silencers that are manufactured with mineral wool as absorbing material, featuring a central core that reduces high frequency sound.
Computerised Boomer rig upgrades
An entire package of upgrades and improvements will be applied to all new computerised Boomer rigs from the beginning of the second quarter of 2013.
The improvements include an upgraded control system with a user-friendly interface, a larger 15in, intuitive, touch screen, just two multi-functional joysticks instead of four, and the latest rig support planning software - Underground Manager.
Atlas Copco's range of Boomer rigs can be equipped with up to four booms providing a coverage area of 16-208m2, and an extensive range of high performance rock drills (16-30 kW) designed to tackle most rock types and drilling conditions.
Computerized Boomer range to feature Underground Manager

Computerized Boomer range to feature Underground Manager

"The new Boomer combines all the benefits of Boomer technology together with a wide range of new features and functionality to meet any challenge that civil tunnelling construction companies may face," said Johan Jonsson, Product Manager at Atlas Copco's Underground Rock Excavation Division. "With these improvements, we are confident that the new Boomer series offers one of the most powerful and productive underground tunnelling rigs on the market."
One of the main improvements is the incorporation of several computerised simulation and CAD packages into a single Windows™ based Underground Manager software package that is designed to be used in conjunction with Atlas Copco's range of intelligent underground drilling equipment.
The new software incorporates functions that were previously separated into individual products, such as Tunnel Manager for face drilling and Ore Manager for long-hole drilling. Underground Manager also introduces functions and features that were not previously supported, such as blast design and blast simulation. Other features such as CAD file import/export will allow users of the software greater flexibility in such areas as drill plan design. It contains a new drill plan generator, complete 3D view of the tunnel, smart interpolation of contours and improved logging and reporting functions.
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