USA Photo Album
USA Photo Album

ASCE OPAL Awards Gala, Washington DC area

23 Apr, 2009

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USA Photo Album May09 ASCE Pankow Award to Claremont Tunnel

At its tenth annual black-tie event, held in the Washington DC area, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) awarded its Charles Pankow Award for Innovation to the San Francisco Bay Area's Claremont Tunnel Seismic Upgrade Project in northern California. On behalf of the team, David F. Tsztoo, Project Manager for tunnel owner, East Bay Municipal Utility District (centre left), accepts the award from ASCE President Wayne Klotz. The innovative design for the Claremont Tunnel upgrade included a seismically engineered bypass for the vital water supply tunnel where it crosses the major Hayward Fault earthquake zone. Ms Sarah H. Wilson, to Tsztoo's left was Assistant Resident Tunnel Engineer for project designer and construction supervision firm Jacobs Associates. Atkinson was the tunnel construction contractor.
Claremont Tunnel seismic upgrade -TunnelTalk, March 2009


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