Lafayette CSO breakthrough
Lafayette CSO breakthrough Jul 2009
Construction is nearly complete on the $18.5 million CSO tunnel under downtown Lafayette, Indiana, USA. The Technicore digger shield reached the exit shaft near Ferry and Second Streets Monday, June 29, 2009 after roughly 11 months of excavation.
The Triad/Frontier Kemper JV won the construction contract for the 2,269ft (692m) x 10ft (3m) diameter tunnel for the city’s Water Pollution Control department.
Construction began August 2008 on the tunnel that runs 30ft (9m) under Second Street. The contract includes the construction of the tunnel with two working shafts, several drop structures, sewer connections, and a 42in microtunnel. Liner plate provides the initial ground support with a concrete cast-in-place final lining.
The specialized compressed air digger shield is being dismantled for removal from the shaft and will be transported back to the entrance shaft to complete 250ft to connect the tunnel to the new Pearl River Lift Station.
The Project is the result of the 1994 update to the Federal Clean Water Act, ordering communities nationwide to reduce CSOs. The tunnel is designed to hold up to 1.2 million gallons of combined sewage and stormwater and will reduce the city’s annual overflow volume in Wabash River by roughly 30% say officials. The owner estimates the entire project, including the final lining, will be complete by the end of the year.


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