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Breakthrough at Metro Istanbul Station Oct 2008
Breakthrough at Guney Sanayi Station

Breakthrough at Guney Sanayi Station

The LOVAT RME257SE Series 23100 TBM has broken through at Guney Sanayi Station. It is the third LOVAT TBM delivered to the Gulermak - Dogus JV for expansion of Istanbul's Metro System.
The 6.5m diameter mixed face EPBM commenced excavation at the Basak Konutlari station, completing 3,640m of 6,450m of tunnel en route to Mahmutbey Station. The TBM attained a daily average production rate of 16m/day with a best day rate of 22m.
Geological conditions encountered consisted of soft ground, primarily comprised of clays, silts and sands, with maximum EPB pressures of up to 5 bar.
The TBM will continue excavating from the Guney Sanayi station with a 1,900m drive to Istoç station, then a 910m drive to Mahmutbey Station.


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