Alpine wins lucrative rail contract
Alpine wins lucrative rail contract May 2009

Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel alignment

Alpine construction Group is adding to its extensive tunneling portfolio with the recent award to build two major rail tunnels with a combine contract value of €122 million ($US163.6 million). Deutsche Bahn AG awarded the contract for the Baumleite Tunnel and the New Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel April 22, 2009.
The 1,317m Baumleite Tunnel south of Erfurt, runs between Theuern, Truckental and Grümpen. A 40m escape shaft will serve as an emergency exit. The contract is valued at nearly €44 million ($US59 million). Construction is expected to be complete in August 2012.
The tunnel is part of the new 107km line between Ebensfeld and Erfurt comprising the upgraded Nuremberg-Berlin line. The entire project is expected to be complete in 2017. Beton und Monierbau GmbH (BeMo), a fully-owned subsidiary of ALPINE Bau GmbH, will be responsible for the tunnel construction.
The company in a joint venture will also build the new single-track Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel on railroad line 3100 between Koblenz and Perl. The tunnel will be 4,200m long. The new tunnel will be driven with a tunnel drill having a diameter of 10.12 m with single-shell tubbing.

South portal of existing Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel

The existing double-track tunnel, built in 1877, will be rehabilitated to meet new safety standards and will connect to the new tube by eight connecting structures each 15m long. Construction of a second tunnel will keep the line open to traffic in the future.
The joint venture consists of ALPINE Untertagebau GmbH, ALPINE Bau Deutschland AG and FCC Construccion S.A. The contract value is approximately €80 million ($US107 million). Construction is scheduled to be complete in November 2011.


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