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hErrEnknEchT AG | uTIlITy TunnEllInG | TrAFFIc TunnEllInG
Base Tunnel/CH
Base Tunnel/CH
Calle Mallorca/ES
Guangdong Intercity/CN
PIOnEErInG TunnEllInG TEchnOlOGy.
Mechanized tunnelling technology for all geologies
All traffic as well as supply and disposal infrastructures
Diameters from 0.10 to 19m Around 400 kilometers of tunnel in approx. 100 railway projects.
Construction companies have already excavated around 400 kilometers of tunnel for new rail links worldwide, using Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines.
During construction of the longest tunnel in the world, the Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel, four hard rock machines made by Herrenknecht excavated and secured a total of 85 kilometers of tunnels. The main breakthrough in March 2011 marks a milestone in the Champions League of mechanized tunnelling construction. In July 2011, Spanish miners celebrated the breakthrough in the Calle Mallorca projects, after they had excavated nearly 5 kilometers of railway tunnel under the city of Barcelona passing beneath the world-famous Sagrada Familia, for example. London is tackling a giant mega- project. The new Crossrail railway line is to cross beneath London from east to west. A total of 8 Herrenknecht EPB Shields and Mixshields will be employed from 2012. In China, the expansion of high-performance railway networks is being advanced. Herrenknecht delivers large machines with diameters up to 13 meters for 18 challenging tunnel projects.
As the only company worldwide, Herrenknecht delivers cutting-edge tunnel boring machines for all ground conditions and in all diameters. Together with innovative specialists in the Group, Herrenknecht is able to offer integrated solutions around tunnel construction with project-specific equipment and service packages. With more than 70 international group companies, Herrenknecht provides a comprehensive range of services close to the project site and the customer quickly and in a targeted way.
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