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Fig 1. Layout and contract packages for the XRL underground route through Hong Kong
Table 1. Award details of the main Express Rail Link construction contracts
Value in millions
Award Date
West Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel (North)
Bachy Soletanche- Laing O’Rourke JV
HK$1,039 (US$133)
May 2010
West Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel (South)
Gammon-Leighton JV
HK$2,883 (US$370)
August 2010
Hoi Ting Road (near Mongkok West Ventilation Building) to Mei Lai Road Tunnels
Dragages-Bouygues JV
HK$3,668 (US$471)
May 2010
Shek Yam to Mei Lai Road Tunnels
Dragages-Bouygues JV
HK$1,384 (US$178)
July 2010
Tse Uk Tsuen to Shek Yam Tunnels
Leighton Contractors (Asia)
HK$3,235 (US$415)
March 2010
A Kam Tin Tunnels (in two separate sections, near Tai Kong Po and Tse Uk Tsuen, respectively, either side of Emergency Rescue Sidings in Contract 823B)
Maeda-China State JV
HK$1,502 (US$193)
July 2010
Ngau Tam Mei to Tai Kong Po Tunnels
Kier-Kadan-OSSA JV
HK$1,515 (US$195)
August 2010
Mai Po to Ngau Tam Mei Tunnels
Penta-Ocean Construction Co
HK$1,683 (US$216)
January 2010
Tunnels from Huanggang Park to Mai Po shaft (this section straddles the border with mainland China)
HK$1,691 (US$217)
March 2010
Shek Kong Stabling Sidings (SSS) and Emergency Rescue Sidings (ERS)
Maeda-China State JV
HK$3,218 (US$413)
October 2010
803A & D
Diaphragm wall and some pile construction at the West Kowloon terminus
Bachy Soletanche
HK$461 (US$59); HK$819 (US$105)
March 2010
Piling works at the West Kowloon terminus
Tysan Foundation
HK$497 (US$63)
March 2010
Piling works at the West Kowloon terminus
Vibro-Chun Wo JV
HK$321 (US$41)
January 2010
Jacobs Engineering is the representative of Hong Kong Government on the XRL construction project. OTB of the UK is the advisor to the project’s insurance underwriters.
deep shaft and two adits of 400m and 700m long through the main mountain range near the middle of the route.
Penta-Ocean Construction Co will manage TBM boring on the Mai Po to Ngau Tam Mei section. The contractor will use a single EPBM to excavate the 2.3km long x 8.15m i.d. parallel tubes, with about 300m in rock or mixed ground. Works also include a 35m deep shaft and cross passages.
C821 & C820
Dragages-Bouygues JV is undertaking the adjacent 3.7km long C821 drill+blast and 3.4km C820 twin tube TBM contracts either side of the Mei Lai Road shaft.
A slurry TBM will progress in four separate drives either side of the Nam Cheong cut-and-cover station. The 8.15m i.d. tubes will be connected by 13 cross passages excavated mostly in soft ground.
Kier-Kadan-OSSA JV will progress drill+blast excavation of the 2.6km long Ngau Tam Mei to Tai Kong Po single bore, double track tunnel section that includes a 400m long bifurcation cavern, stub tunnels, a 90m deep ventilation shaft and a 40m deep emergency access shaft.
Commencing 2012
C820 second section
Dragages-Bouygues JV will begin slurry TBM tunnelling on the shorter twin tube drives between Mei Lai Road and Nam Cheong station.
823A Tai Kong Po part
Contract 823A is another section of the route where TBM tunnelling is split into two either side of the ERS site, which is a 650m long box structure built under Contract 823B. The contractor, Maeda-China State JV, will use an Hitachi 9.22m EPBM for the pair of
short 1.2km and 800m twin tube drives and excavate the long ERS open box structure.
Main boring on the northernmost section of the route runs between Mai Po shaft in the New Territories and Huanggang in mainland China. The section is 3.3km long with slightly more than 40% of the 8.7m i.d. twin tubes in the New Territories. The contractor, CRCC/HC/CR15G JV, is undertaking the bores using a Herrenknecht Mixshield.
When completed, trains will travel at up to 200km/h and will more than halve travelling time, from 100 minutes to 48 minutes, between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. To reach Shenzhen will take barely quarter of an hour. Journeys to Shanghai and Beijing will take eight and 10 hours, respectively. n
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