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Italy considers post Covid recovery
Politicians and construction leaders consider an infrastructure post Covid economic recovery for Italy during breakthrough celebrations on the Terzo Valico high speed railway
Publication Date: Apr 2021 | Author: Webuild News Release
Crossover TBM operations in China
The largest Robbins Crossover TBM to be used in China is launched to complete a 9.16m o.d. rail link under the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou
Publication Date: Apr 2021 | Author: Robbins News Release
Double breakthrough for Genoa-Milan rail
Now past the halfway mark, double breakthrough at Genoa-Milan High Speed Rail Italy
Publication Date: Oct 2020 | Author: Salini Impregilo News Release
First contract of Oslo water project let
Award of the first contract for the underground treatment plant marks start of the new Oslo water supply water project that has another two large excavation contracts to procure
Publication Date: Sep 2020 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Scope of Oslo raw water project
As a contract for the 19km TBM drive with a segmental lining is announced to the market, the scope of the other contracts for the project are detailed
Publication Date: Jul 2020 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Major contract announced for Oslo water supply
Procuement of the 19km long TBM-bored, segmentally-lined water delivery tunnel for the city of Oslo moves into a call for proposals
Publication Date: Jun 2020 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Mega-TBM completes complex highway drive
A 15.56m diameter TBM has successfully excavated the 6.5km single tube double deck Beiheng Expressway in Shanghai, advancing the experience of challenging large diameter urban TBM technologies
Publication Date: Feb 2020 | Author: STEC, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co
Terzo Valico rail link reaches new milestone
The 37km underground section of the Terzo Valico high speed rail link in Italy is now 40% excavated
Publication Date: Nov 2019 | Author: Salini Impregilo News Release
Time for UK politics to get boring
Heavy equipment engineering, design and manufacturing capacity still available and capable of reviving TBM design and manufacture in the UK
Publication Date: May 2019 | Author: Bill Clark, Former Managing Director, Davy Markham
Mega TBM arrives in Melbourne
The first of two 15.6m diameter mega Herrenknecht TBMs arrives in Melbourne to prepare for its 4km long drive on the city’s West Gate twin tube highway tunnel project
Publication Date: Mar 2019 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Surface challenges for underground solutions
Four TBMs all operating from the same location to excavate the 20km single-track twin running tunnels of the Follo Line in Norway was a challenge but the design was robust, compact and capable of continuous work under -25°C winter conditions
Publication Date: Feb 2019 | Author: Fernando Vara, Acciona/Ghella Joint Venture, Oslo, Norway
XRE TBM conquers toughest drive in Turkey
Robbins Crossover TBM has completed the final leg of the Gerede water transmission tunnel in Turkey through extremely difficult ground conditions that had defeated the efforts of two double shield TBMs from a different machine supplier
Publication Date: Feb 2019 | Author: Desiree Willis, Technical Writer, The Robbins Company
Crossover TBM powers through in Akron
The first use of a Robbins Crossover XRE TBM in the USA has broken through to complete its 2km (1.25 mile) long interceptor sewer drive in Akron, Ohio
Publication Date: Sep 2018 | Author: Desiree Willis, Technical Writer, The Robbins Company
Geotechnical investigations underway at York Potash
Fugro awarded two new geophysical and geotechnical projects at York Potash
Publication Date: Aug 2017 | Author: Fugro News Release
Alliance procurement for value and risk management
Procurement of the Waterview Connection TBM-bored highway tunnel project in Auckland, New Zealand, delivered value and risk management through a competitive alliance procurement process
Publication Date: Jul 2017 | Author: Tom Ireland, Aurecon, Auckland, New Zealand ; Peter Spies, New Zealand Transport Agency
Sirius may accelerate UK potash mine construction
Sirius Minerals looks to advance tunnel construction on its UK potash mine
Publication Date: Jun 2017 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
First Crossover TBM for the USA
The Robbins Crossover TBM to be used in USA is accepted and ready for its challenge on the Ohio Canal interceptor sewer tunnel
Publication Date: Jun 2017 | Author: Desiree Willis, Technical Writer, The Robbins Company
Making good progress on Istanbul Metro
Two 6.56m diameter Terratec EPBMs are making good progress on the Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line project in Istanbul, Turkey for the Şenbay Madencilik-Kolin-Kalyon JV
Publication Date: Jun 2017 | Author: Terratec News Release
Bids in for latest lot on Brenner Baseline
Brenner Base Tunnel gets five bids for Pfons-Brenner Lot, sees Mules 2-3 works ramp up
Publication Date: May 2017 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
UK potash project moves to construction
Sirius Minerals begins construction of Phase 1 of its UK York Potash project now named the Woodsmith Mine
Publication Date: Mar 2017 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Major bid call underway for Brenner Baseline
Procurement plans advance for last major tunnel lots at Brenner Base Tunnel
Publication Date: Feb 2017 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Hydraulic slide solution for TBM assembly
Hydra-Slide of Canada has successfully installed a hydraulic slide solution to assist contractor Yo Sin Engineering in assembling a 6.96m TBM for a subway project in Singapore. The Hydra-Slide HT300 system helped the contractor overcome space constrains at the jobsite.
Publication Date: Nov 2016 | Author: Hydra-Slide News release
Royalty funding deal for UK potash mine
Australian mining giant Hancock Prospecting, owned by billionaire Gina Rinehart, strikes US$300 million Royalty deal with UK potash mine owner Sirius
Publication Date: Oct 2016 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
TBM launched for critical water supply project
Robbins main beam TBM launched by the PC/Russell JV, who are subcontracted by the Atkinson/Technique JV to construct the 8km Bellwood water supply tunnel in Atlanta, USA
Publication Date: Oct 2016 | Author: Desiree Willis, Technical Writer, The Robbins Company
European mega-project collaboration deal
Technological and scientific agreement for information sharing during the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Link between Germany and Denmark and the Brenner Base Tunnel between Austria and Italy
Publication Date: Oct 2016 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
TBM tunnelling begins on Norway’s Follo Line
The Acciona/Ghella JV has launched the first two of four Herrenknecht double-shield hard rock TBMs to complete their drives of about 9km each for the 20km long Olso to Ski twin-tube railway tunnel for the Follo Line project in Norway
Publication Date: Sep 2016 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Astaldi/Ghella Brenner Baseline contract award confirmed
Award of the critical Mules-2-3 Lot of the Brenner Baseline Tunnel project between Austria and Italy is confirmed to the Astaldi/Ghella/Oberosler/Cogeis/PAC joint venture for a contract price of €993 million
Publication Date: Sep 2016 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Financing milestone for Sirius potash project
Sirius Minerals announces details of Stage 2 financing for UK potash mega-project
Publication Date: Sep 2016 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Brenner prepares final procurement push
Preparations are underway for presentation of the final and largest tunnel tenders on the Brenner Base Tunnel project with works progressing on a variety of tunnelling and constructions in a group of smaller packages already awarded
Publication Date: Aug 2016 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
UK potash mega-project design changes
Tunnel design changes on Sirius Minerals York Potash project as market awaits news of critical funding deal
Publication Date: Aug 2016 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Tunnelling leads on Italy’s Terzo Valico rail link
Assembly of the first of four TBMs is underway by Seli Overseas as tunnelling subcontractor to the Salini Impregilo/Condotte/Civ JV that holds the main contract for the 54km long Terzo Valico high speed rail link between Milan and Genoa in Italy that is aligned more than 34km in tunnel
Publication Date: Aug 2016 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Contractor walkout sparks Chennai Metro retender
Chennai Metro is set to retender Contract UAA-02 after the previous contractors, Metrostroy and its JV partner Gammon, quit after completing just half the running tunnels. CMRL is also set to tender for construction of the 2.4km underground section of a 9km northbound extension
Publication Date: Jan 2016 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Robbins double shield TBMs for Austrian headrace
Two double shield Robbins TBMs of 6.53m diameter are fitted with special features, including gearbox reducers to increase cutterhead torque at a lower rev/min and an overcutter facility to increase the bore diameter by as much as 50mm on the radius (100mm on the diameter) to excavate the 22km long headrace for the GKI hydro project at Pfunds near Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps close to the border with Switzerland
Publication Date: Dec 2015 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Historic TBM breakthrough in Norway
A refurbished Robbins TBM of 7.3m diameter is being assembled by contractor LNS (Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner) to excavate some 12km of 19km of tunnelling needed for upgrade of theRøssåga hydropower scheme in northern Norway for national electricity producer Statkraft and to be the first TBM to be used in the traditional TBM-development stomping ground for more than 20 years
Publication Date: Dec 2015 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
TBM launched for Brenner exploratory tunnel
Herrenknecht TBM launched by contractor JV Strabag/Salini-Impregilo for excavation of a 15km section of the central exploratory tunnel of the Austria-Italy Brenner Base Tunnel rail link project in the Alps
Publication Date: Oct 2015 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Boundaries busted for highway under the Bosphorus
A 3.4km long bored tunnel under the Bosphorus in Turkey will provide a double deck highway crossing of the strait to add capacity to existing bridge and ferry links across the continental divide between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul city, using a BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer) model to finance, design and construct the total 14.5km long highway project
Publication Date: Sep 2015 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Acciona/Ghella selected for Follo Line TBM tunnel
Acciona/Ghella JV is selected to complete the NOK 8.7 billion EPC segmentally lined, TBM excavated tunnelling contract for the Oslo-Ski Follo Line railway project in Norway that comprises twin 20km long running tunnels to be excavated by four TBMs, two in opposite directions from a central access point at Åsland
Publication Date: Mar 2015 | Author: Norwegian National Rail Administration News Release
Technical assistance for TBM Bertha repair
As construction of the recovery shaft is finalized, technical management of the repair process for the 17.5m diameter Alaskan Way SR99 Bertha EPBM in Seattle is awarded to Gomez International of Arizona by the machine’s manufacturer Hitachi.
Publication Date: Feb 2015 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
DC prepares for Anacostia EPBM launch
TBM assembly and launch preparations begin for DC Water Clean Rivers Project’s Anacostia River Tunnel drive, to be completed by the Impregilo/Healy JV. Meanwhile TBM progress on the Blue Plains River Tunnel drive hits the two-thirds completion mark, and factory manufacture is complete of a third Herrenknecht machine for the project’s First Street Tunnel drive.
Publication Date: Jan 2015 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Dual-mode TBM faces Stuttgart-21 challenge
Porr begins TBM excavation Filderstadt Tunnel, the longest on the Stuttgart-21 high speed rail alignment
Publication Date: Jul 2014 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
TBM recovery success for new DTL2 contractor
Excavation of the twin running tunnels on Contract C917A for Singapore Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) is completed by the replacement contractor brought in to free the TBMs and finish the drives left when the original contractor, Alpine Bau, went into insolvency.
Publication Date: Jul 2014 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
New award follows Seli Kishanganga success
Seli awarded TBM headrace tunnel excavation contract for Vishnugad Pipalkoti hydro scheme as its machine prepares for breakthrough at Kishanganga
Publication Date: May 2014 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Mexico City manages mega drainage
Extra TBMs and modifications to the six machines already deployed to the project are two significant proposals being considered to improve and accelerate excavation and construction of the 62km long Emisor Oriente combined sewer and storm drainage project in Mexico City to protect the city centre from the potential of catastrophic urban flooding
Publication Date: May 2013 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Seattle prepares for mega-TBM assembly
After arriving by ship and being offloaded in late March 2013, components of the world-record 17.48m diameter EPBM, designed and manufactured by Hitachi Zosen in Japan, is being prepared for assembly and commissioning by Seattle Tunnel Partners for its double deck highway bored tunnel drive in Seattle
Publication Date: May 2013 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Central Subway bids open as first TBM arrives
San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority receives first of two Robbins EPBMs for Central Subway as bids open for four station construction package
Publication Date: Apr 2013 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Breaking excavation records in the Himalayas
Seli breaks progress record at Kishanganga in India with a double shield universal TBM
Publication Date: Dec 2012 | Author: Seli News Release
Robbins celebrates 60 years of achievement
Global TBM manufacturer The Robbins Company celebrates sixty years of tunneling history
Publication Date: Oct 2012 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Royal visit for Crossrail academy
Prince Andrew and Prime Minister David Cameron visit Crossrail TUCA training academy as TBM assembly continues at Royal Oak portal prior to March launch
Publication Date: Feb 2012 | Author: Crossrail News Release
SELI secures partnership in China
SELI has signed a manufacturing agreement in China with the Gezhouba company.
Publication Date: Nov 2011 | Author: SELI News Release
Scheduling for success at Crossrail
With all three main tunnelling contracts and most portal contracts now awarded, and while procurement continues for the main works at the underground stations, Crossrail has released a schedule for the TBM boring and major construction works, reports Patrick Reynolds.
Publication Date: Apr 2011 | Author: Patrick Reynolds, Freelance Reporter
Lake Mead suffers another setback
A third inflow of water and material on the Lake Mead Intake No 3 project has the owner and contractor reviewing more aggressive options on a way forward.
Publication Date: Jan 2011 | Author: Paula Wallis, TunnelTalk
Turkey starts second 17km long water drive
Assembly of a 7.83m diameter TBM is in the final phases of readiness to excavate a 17km long irrigation tunnel in the agricultural district of Suruc in Turkey. Supplied by Seli of Italy, the double shield universal (DSU) TBM will be used by main contractor ILCI INSAAT SANAYI VE TICARET A.S of Ankara to build the segmentally lined tunnel for the Turkish commissioner DSI XV REGIONAL DIRECTORATE Sanliurfa to improve the irrigation system to the rich crops of this dry plain region in the south near the Syrian border.
Publication Date: Sep 2010 | Author: Seli News Release
Lake Mead TBM designed for the extreme
A TBM of multifaceted design and capability is required for one of the most exacting tunnel projects underway in the world today. The machine developed and built by Herrenknecht AG for the Lake Mead Intake No 3 project in Nevada, USA will be asked to operate under a possible 17 bar hydrostatic pressure during excavation of the subaqueous tunnel. The TBM customer and its mechanical designer discuss the particular features required for the TBM to face the geological, logistical and risk management issues of the project.
Publication Date: Nov 2009 | Author: Jim McDonald, Project Manager, Vegas Tunnel Constructors
Werner Burger, Manager Design Division, Herrenknecht AG
Success after mammoth struggles in Ethiopia
Five months after completing the difficult Gilgel Gibe II tunnel in Ethiopia, the Italian company SELI has completed the last stretch of the 12km long Beles headrace tunnel. After boring the last 7.5m and installing the last five rings of segment for the 12km long headrace, the double-shielded SELI TBM broke through on November 8, 2009.
Publication Date: Nov 2009 | Author: Ilaria Driussi, Technical Writer
Serious flood setback for TBM project in India
Assembly of the TBM was complete and launch was just a week away when disaster struck. An overtopping of the cofferdam completely flooded the inlet portal working site of the AMR tunnelling project near Hyderabad in India. Exceptionally heavy rainstorms charged the levels in the chain of Srisalem Reservoirs leading to rises in water levels by up to 3m in a short period of time.
Publication Date: Oct 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Robbins leads India’s reintroduction to mega TBM advantages at AMR - TunnelTalk
India’s need for the advantages of TBM excavation is immense. Not for the labour saving benefits but for the speed and quality of construction by which TBMs can excavate long tunnels for hydro, irrigation, road and rail tunnels. India’s history with large scale TBM tunnelling however is limited and disastrous. The sorry saga of TBM drives for the Dulhasti and Parbati hydro schemes is recalled with much frustration by Indian engineers. Resorting India’s appreciation and confidence in large scale TBM tunnelling is a tough assignment and one that Robbins has accepted in full measure, starting with the AMR project in the state of Andhra Pradesh where it is working with lead India construction company Jaiprakash to ensure success of the longest, largest diameter, hard rock TBM tunnel in India’s history and claimed by Robbins as the longest in the world without intermediate access points. TunnelTalk visited the project to bring this report.
Publication Date: Jan 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Design considerations on approach to Brenner Baseline high-speed rail connection in Austria
A €2 billion, 40km section of new twin-track railway through the Lower Inn Valley towards the Austrian portals of the proposed Brenner Baseline tunnel connection to Italy, is built almost entirely underground. TunnelTalk travelled to Innsbruck to appreciate the undertaking and know how the project has influenced the criteria for design of future high-speed rail tunnels in Austria.
Publication Date: Feb 2008 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Facing the challenges of Seymour-Capilano
Both TBMs are launched and are ramping up towards full production. Success on the Seymour-Capilano Twin Tunnels project in Vancouver however will be depend on mastering the demanding logistics of the project, maintaining optimum production, and preparing for the unpredictability of the geology. TunnelTalk visited the project in September to know how Bilfinger Berger has mobilized to complete this bench-mark project.
Publication Date: Dec 2006 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Maximising the advantage
Applying a more industrialised, production-line approach to long distance tunnel construction takes another step forward with design and application of two self-propelling workstations currently employed on the longest headings of the St Gotthard Baseline railway project in Switzerland.
Publication Date: Dec 2004 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Final account on the Sydney Alliance
Alliance procurement of the Northside Storage Tunnel project in Sydney, Australia to capture and retain sewage surcharges until pumped through the North Head treatment plant succeeded in delivering 20km of interceptor sewer and two underground pumping stations within two years and nine months, before the start of the Sydney Olympic Games in September 2000
Publication Date: Nov 2002 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Speedy mega TBM for Moscow Lefortovo highway
After completing the 4th highway tunnel tube crossing of the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany, the components of the mega 14.20m diameter Herrenknecht slurry TBM was rebuilt into a second 14.20m diameter shield and fitted with a new cutterhead and provided with a new separation plant to excavate the Lefortovo highway tunnel in Moscow, Russia with terrific progress rates achieved
Publication Date: Oct 2002 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Nuclear waste management at Yucca Mountain
Following 20 years of intense study, Yucca Mountain in Nevada has been recommended to the US Congress as the site for long term management and underground storage of the country's growing stockpiles of high-level radioactive nuclear waste. In February 2002, the Secretary of Energy recommended to the President that Yucca Mountain be developed as the first US repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste. Endorsement the day after by President Bush launched the project on what will remain a long road to gaining Congressional approval and obtaining the many necessary permits before construction of the facility can continue and storage of the waste can begin.
Publication Date: May 2002 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnellTalk
Northside alliance for cleaner Sydney Harbour
More than 21km of sewer interceptor tunnelling and associated works are planned for completion before the Olympic Games to be held in Sydney in September 2000. There are up to 20 sewer overflows into Sydney Harbour/year at four major overflow points; The Northside Storage Tunnel is designed to intercept these overflow points to reduce the number of overflow events to about two a year. The successful alliance consortium comprised Transfield, Montgomery Watson Australia, and Connell Wagner.
Publication Date: Mar 1999 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Steep incline drive saves critical deadline
A new TBM to save a project that had fallen seriously behind schedule is not a decision taken lightly. But such was the situation at Cleuson-Dixence in Switzerland where a new Lovat TBM was commissioned to drive a steep inclined drive to rescue a contract that had fallen more than a year behind schedule and was under critical time pressure.
Publication Date: Apr 1997 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
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