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17 Dec 2021             ALERT SIGNUP
Melbourne progresses Rail Loop early works
Procurement of the Melbourne Suburban Rail Loop project begins with expressions of interest invited for initial and early enabling works
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Western Harbour and Beaches Link progress

Sydney highway developments as shortlist for Western Harbour delivery partner is announced and Beaches Link EIS is released

Getting to the point in China

Chinese manufacturers of rock drills and consumables are competing increasingly in the world market with quality products

Controlling blast vibrations

Practical guidelines for using measurement analysis in the design of charge hole patterns and detonation systems to control blast vibrations

Recent reporting
In-service rail infrastructure rebuild
Latest in Sandvik rock drilling technology
DigIndy progresses to final bore
2020 ITA Award Winners
WSP acquires Golder
Rispin to head up Strata expansion
Guide to Rock Tunneling in Spanish

Drill+blast remains a vital rock excavation method with many million m3 blasted each year. With care and attention, careful monitoring and modern explosives and detonators, otherwise damaging vibration can be controlled to permit blasting also in sensitive urban areas.

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Merry Christmas wishes to all our readers and Media Partners
Himalayan Zoji La road link progressing
TBM starts on Mumbai Coastal Road
Highway link opens in central Vietnam
First TBM lowered for Cross River Rail
New proposal for Honshu-Hokkaido link
Contract for Delhi-Meerut railway link
Jakarta-Bandung HSR proceeding
TBMs arriving for Hanoi Metro
Tender opened for Bosnian highway link
Hong Kong site hit by second outbreak
Hong Kong inaugurates TM-CLK link
Large hydropower project progressing
Chengdu opens four new metro lines
Mott MacDonald to design CAM scheme
Contract for Hamburg highway link
Detroit River rail link sold to CP
Vermeer acquires Normag HDD technology

TAC Project Award - Metro mined stations

UCA Lifetime Award - George E Williamson

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