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13 May 2021             ALERT SIGNUP
CERN accelerates critical collider upgrade

As underground works near completion, we look back at the plans for the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider upgrade at CERN

Spectacular excavations for physics research

Celebrating the engineering achievements of the underground structures that house the components of the CERN Large Hadron Collider

Designing a 100km collider tunnel for CERN

CERN alignment planning using BIM software modelling for the proposed 100km long Future Circular Collider tunnel facility

Particle experiments the goal at Hamburg

Two Herrenknecht TBMs completed drives for the XFEL nuclear physics laboratory in Hamburg in 2012

Obituary: Niko Kleuters

Mechanical engineer Niko Kleuters, known throughout the TBM industry, died in a car accident in Zimbabwe in March 2021

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Recent reporting
Monthly record on Brenner Base Mules Lot
Taoyuan MRT drive receives first EPBM
Stacked drifts as presupport
Advice after stacked drift experience
Obituary: NATM proponent Friedrich Blindow
Diary Dates
May 20: BTS lecture on CERN expansion
June 15-17: BTS Warwick CPD Course
Sep 6-8: AFTES Congress Paris

Without the infrastructure in place, particle physicists would not be able to carry out the groundbreaking research into the fundamental structure of matter. This week we review the engineering excellence and spectacular underground excavations created for particle physics research.

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Brenner Base opening postponed to 2032
Work to start on Davao City bypass
Contract signed for Sydney M6 highway
Implenia JV selected for Norwegian road
Premier gives Quebec fixed link update
India plans for 331km road links by 2026
Photo exhibition of LA Metro system
Vancouver Broadway Subway progresses
Canadian metro projects get funding
Metro station turns into art museum
Testing starts at Shanghai Metro Line 18
TBM ready for Shantou Bay rail crossing
Radioactive waste research laboratory
Eurostar gets €290 million bailout
Automation market to witness growth
Orica to sell Minova as profit falls
Contract for training new HS2 recruits

Video: Constructing the CERN-LHC

Video: RETC 2019, Chicago, USA

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