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07 Jan 2021             ALERT SIGNUP
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Prospective for 2021 and beyond

Industry trends and market survey data indicate an estimated €125 billion to complete projects in construction in 2019 and a planned output of €1,385 billion across the coming 11 years

Grim 2020 never forgotten

A review of 2020 highlights how companies, projects and finances navigated a year dominated by Covid-19

DSI Underground to join Sandvik

Subject to approvals, DSI Underground is to become part of Sandvik in its Mining and Rock Solutions business area

Recent reporting
Melbourne progresses Rail Loop early works
Sydney progresses Harbour and Beaches Link
Micro TBMs introduced to Ahmedabad
2020 Focus topics
Drill+blast equipment and tools
TBM selection and procurement
Nuclear waste management

With the pandemic highlighting the critical need to address also the causes and consequences of climate change, there are opportunities in the transportation, water management and power generation industries and an estimate of more than €1,385 billion earmarked for underground construction investment across the coming 11 years to assist the global shift to a cleaner, brighter, greener future.

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Himalayan Zoji La road link progressing
TBM starts on Mumbai Coastal Road
Highway link opens in central Vietnam
First TBM lowered for Cross River Rail
New proposal for Honshu-Hokkaido link
Contract for Delhi-Meerut railway link
Jakarta-Bandung HSR proceeding
TBMs arriving for Hanoi Metro
Tender opened for Bosnian highway link
Hong Kong site hit by second outbreak
Hong Kong inaugurates TM-CLK link
Large hydropower project progressing
Chengdu opens four new metro lines
Mott MacDonald to design CAM scheme
Contract for Hamburg highway link
Detroit River rail link sold to CP
Vermeer acquires Normag HDD technology

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