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- Australia: Sydney Metro West shortlist
- Turkey: Resilient TBM completes tough drive
- Poland: Slurry TBM for under water drive
- Discussion Forum: TBM selection
- Feedback: Solution for choosing the TBM
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- Discussion Forum: Who should choose the TBM?
- TunnelTECH: Choosing right fibre for segments
- UK: Tideway restart and Covid cost accounting
- Feedback: Enquiry called for Crossrail delay
- Conferences: WTC 2020 update
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How to fit a TBM to geological expectations? How to fit a TBM to geological expectations?
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From the Editor's Desk - 27 Aug 2020
TBM performance in the ground as encountered is as good as the geological investigation and its interpretation on which TBM selection was based. Where does liability for the interpretation of the investigation lie when discrepancies arise is another consideration for discussion.

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Most recent reporting
- TunnelTECH: Choosing right fibre for segments
- Books: Bulletin 83 of FRC Model Code 2010
- UK: Tideway restart and Covid accounting
- Feedback: Crossrail delay outrage
- Conferences: WTC 2020 update
- Discussion Forum: Who should choose the TBM?
- Canada: Toronto shortlists metro bidders
- Feedback: Accountability in engineering
- Video: Steel fibre concrete, the UK experience
- TunnelTECH: Investigating contaminated ground
Hard lessons learned
- Fatal collapse on Cologne metro
- Lötschberg water inflow explained
- Rastatt TBM drive collapse concerns
- Symptoms of the collapse syndrome
- Sinkhole disruption in Fukuoka, Japan
- Salvage recovers Japan disaster TBM
- Metro sinkhole in Guangzhou
- Cairo Metro tunnel collapse
- Recovery reveals the unexpected
- Sinkhole bothers Brightwater
News Briefs
- Scottish party proposes Forth crossing
- TBM stored for ten years near Seville
- Final TBM commences at Thames Tideway
- Helsinki Station underpass work starts
- Himalayan Zoji La road link progressing
- TBM starts on Mumbai Coastal Road
- Highway link opens in central Vietnam
- First TBM lowered for Cross River Rail
- New proposal for Honshu-Hokkaido link
- Contract for Delhi-Meerut railway link
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