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- UK: Silvertown preferred bidder selected
- Russia: Restart of China-Europe corridor link
- Education: BIM and public relations in focus
- TunnelTECH: Revolutionary tunnel lumination
- RETC: Preparing for a packed program in Chicago
- RETC: Preview the exhibitors and exhibition hall
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- ITA Awards: Just weeks left to submit entries
- TAC Awards: Canada calls for nominations
- Political support for national mega project legacies
- Salini keynote at WTC holds essential messages
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- Soft ground focus at Cambridge symposium
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Innovative illuminations
Innovative illuminations
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From the Editor's Desk - 23 May 2019
Energy consumption to power ventilation and lighting in highway tunnels is a considerable cost. An innovative luminescent coating material to improve the effectiveness of tunnel lighting and increase driver safety and reduce energy and maintenance costs could revolutionise the design and installation of luminaires in traffic tunnels and in public underground spaces.
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Most recent reporting
- RETC preparing a packed program in Chicago
- Preview the RETC exhibition to plan your visits
- Tunnel focus for US Deep Foundations Institute
- Soft ground focus at Cambridge symposium
- Significant result for ITA leadership at WTC 2019
- Video: Highlights of WTC in Naples, Italy
- Podcast: Salini keynote on industry mega trends
- FIDIC-ITA release Emerald Book form of contract
- Political support for national mega project legacies
- Australia: Advancing the Snowy 2.0 project
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- China submits plans for Bohai Sea crossing
- First breakthrough for Jakarta-Bandung railway
- Work progresses for CSO in Cleveland
- Perth airport link on hold after slurry spill
- Dublin shortens planned metro line
- LA’s Regional Connector progresses slowly
- Perth Airport Link reaches Redcliff
- Lunar engineers excited by boring moon colonies
- Cautious optimism for Gateway project
- Penang sea crossing to continue
VIDEO REPORTING: High risk TBM drives and insurance cover

Rock bursting at Olmas

TBM headrace drive in Himalayas

Follo Line twin TBM breakthrough

Seymour-Capilano in action

TBM drive under San Francisco Bay

California HSR Southern Alignment

California HSR Northern alignment

Escalating insurance risks