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New Editorial Content
- Epiroc to phase out Meyco shotcreting line
- Full scale underground research in Austria
- Career Moves: Immersed tube expert at Ramboll
Recent reporting
- Video: Face-to-Face with steel fibre pioneer
- Switzerland: Lötschberg lining breach explained
- New Products: Normet TBM tail sealants
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Epiroc to discontinue Meyco shotcreting units Epiroc to discontinue Meyco shotcreting units
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From the Editor's Desk - 21 May 2020
The economic fallout of these unprecedented pandemic times is only just beginning to be addressed by companies around the world. Many are starting to take drastic measures to survive, laying off workers, closing divisions, drawing back to home bases. Who will survive and what will be the shape of the industry in times to come are questions exercising many a CEO and decision maker.

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Most recent reporting
- Switzerland: Lötschberg lining breach explained
- USA: BART to San Jose under further revision
- Career Moves: Immersed tube expert at Ramboll
- Job Vacancy: Lead estimator post at Barnard, USA
- BTS Dinner: Cancelled for 2020, recall past events
- Lötschberg inflow through failed lining
- Vice President speaks of DC Clean Rivers project
- Chinese TBM for Mumbai coastal highway drives
- Perth airport link completes TBM excavation
- Construction phase initiated for Fehmarnbelt
Steel fibre developments
- Crack width control in FRC segments
- SFRC durability in a chlorinated environment
- Review of FRC brittle failure considerations
- Fibre-reinforced concrete for precast segments
- 20 years of fibre concrete linings in the UK
- Lee Tunnel wins prestigious concreting award
- Spraying ultra-high performance FRC
- Hybrid steel fibre-glass fibre rebar segment
- Lab comparison of steel vs synthetic FRC
- Ridham to cast segments for Tideway West
News Briefs
- Excavation begins on Cross River Rail in Brisbane
- Major contract awarded for Paris Metro Line 18
- Thames Water announces programme suppliers
- Contracts awarded for Munich railway Line 2
- Great Lakes oil pipeline plan moves forward
- Work starts on RijnlandRoute second bore
- China’s largest hard rock TBM delivered
- MTA tests flood gates ahead of hurricane season
- Stockholm metro contract awarded
- Main works completed for Stuttgart 21
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