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- Consolidation of Italian construction contractors
- Renewed interest to colonise the moon
- Global entries for 2019 ITA Awards
- Procurement process begins for Stonehenge
- New leadership at Lane Industries USA
- Improved concrete sprayer from Epiroc
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- Industry developments in Switzerland
- Focus on TBMs in difficult conditions
- Research on impacts of ground movement
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- Sep 9-11: Breakthroughs in Tunneling Course
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Renewed interest in lunar development
Renewed interest in lunar development
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From the Editor's Desk - 18 Jul 2019
Fifty years since the first manned lunar mission, there is renewed interest in colonising the moon. Underground excavation will play a vital role in establishing any permanent lunar bases, as Jamal Rostami explains in our video interview. Research and development efforts will need to be global in scope to ensure benefits to all mankind.

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Most recent reporting
- Industry developments in Switzerland
- Focus on TBMs in difficult conditions
- Research on impacts of ground movement
- Obituary for Vladimir Ratkowsky of Slovakia
- UK: Contractors line up for new cable tunnel
- USA: Growing interest in hyperloop connections
- Company News: New owner for Adfil polyfibre
- TunnelTECH: Guidance for curved cable ducts
- Obituary: David Yankovich remembered
- Russia: Plan to double Severomuiski BAM route
Remembering past colleagues
- Franz Pacher 1919-2018
- Z.Richard Bieniawski 1936-2017
- Dr. Ralph B. Peck 1912-2008
- Walter Christian Grantz 1929-2018
- George D Yoggy 1937-2018
- Lorenz Nummsen 1959-2015
- Sir Alan Muir Wood 1921 - 2009
- Dr Ing Tor L Brekke 1934-2009
- Dr Prof Dan Eisenstein 1936-2009
- Thomas R. Kuesel 1926-2010
News Briefs
- Melbourne Metro faces potential delay
- Auckland City Rail Link contract signed
- Rome’s metro Line C extension moves forward
- Tender extended for Slovenian road link
- Sydney Metro reaches halfway mark
- TBM retreived from New York water reservoir
- Chinese contractors to build Helsinki fixed link
- India’s longest electrified rail link opens
- New underpass officially opens in Phuket
- Heat-recovery system tested for Swiss metro
VIDEO REPORTING: High risk TBM drives and insurance cover

Rock bursting at Olmas

TBM headrace drive in Himalayas

Follo Line twin TBM breakthrough

Seymour-Capilano in action

TBM drive under San Francisco Bay

California HSR Southern Alignment

California HSR Northern alignment

Escalating insurance risks