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New Editorial Content
- TunnelTECH: Freezing assistance under the Suez
- Discussion Forum: Political upheaval and Brexit
- Feedback: Macro synthetic fibre benefits
- Company News: Condat 30 years in business
- Equipment Sales: TBM available for resale
Recent news and reports
- Promoting macro synthetic fibre reinforcement
- UK vote to leave EU and face consequences
- Comment on BS 6164 health and safety revision
- Volatility forecasts an unpredictable 2019
Diary Dates: bauma Munich 8-14 April 2019
News from the world media services
- Chennai Metro to complete phase II by 2026
Freezing - a vital support technique
Freezing - a vital support technique
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From the Editor's Desk - 14 Mar 2019
Political uncertainty creates tremendous disruption to continuity of commerce, construction and business. In Europe, in the UK, in the USA and elsewhere in the world, do politicians really accept the responsibility for the economy and societies they govern?
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Most recent reporting
- Australia: Mega TBM arrives in Melbourne
- Russia: Twin tube to replace Orlovsky mega drive
- Discussion Forum: Tracking mega TBMs
- Discussion Forum: Macro synthetic fibre designs
- France: Light designs for Grand Paris stations
- India: Breakthrough in Mumbai
- Career Moves: New water manager at Moretrench
- Final TBM breakthroughs for Follo Line in Norway
- TunnelTECH: Design of the Follo Line TBMs
- TunnelTECH: Project approach to the Follo Line
TBMs in difficult ground
- Nepal proving TBM applicability in Himalayas
- Clawing success from the extreme at Arrowhead
- TBM rescue for Tapovan hydro challenge
- TBM conquers Peruvian Andes at Olmas
- Flexibility for battling poor geology in Turkey
- Seli TBM success at Kishanganga
- The good, bad and mixed in Singapore
- Hard-fought success in Bangalore
- TBM equipped to control high water pressure
- Keep your TBM moving against the odds
News Briefs
- Scottish Isles could benefit from water crossings
- Boring Company planning 56km loop
- Double breakthrough at China-Laos railway
- Repairs to Hudson river rail link considered
- Contractors appointed for Brisbane river crossing
- Salini Impregilo acquires Cossi Costruzioni
- Stonehenge crossing faces building clause
- TBM breakthrough at Sydney Metro
- Boring Company in talks with Israel
- Singapore starts with DTSS Phase II
VIDEO REPORTING: High risk TBM drives and insurance cover

Rock bursting at Olmas

TBM headrace drive in Himalayas

Follo Line twin TBM breakthrough

Seymour-Capilano in action

TBM drive under San Francisco Bay

California HSR Southern Alignment

California HSR Northern alignment

Escalating insurance risks