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New Editorial Content
- Significant result for ITA leadership at WTC 2019
- Video: Highlights of WTC in Naples, Italy
- Podcast: Salini keynote on industry mega trends
- FIDIC-ITA release Emerald Book form of contract
- Political support for national mega project legacies
Recent News and Reports
- Australia: Advancing the Snowy 2.0 project
- ITA Awards: Calls for 2019 Brunel Awards
- TAC Awards: Canada calls for excellence awards
Diary Dates
- 16-19 June: RETC conference, Chicago, USA
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Contract form for underground works
Contract form for underground works
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From the Editor's Desk - 09 May 2019
Three joined the ITA this week at the General Assembly in Naples and the now, 78 Member Nations elected Jenny Yan of China as its first woman President. With the election also of new ExCo members and four new Vice Presidents and the adopting of new policies and procedures, the ITA is set to chart a new course over the coming three years and away from the familiar status quo of the past.

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Most recent reporting
- Australia: Advancing the Snowy 2.0 project
- France: Adverturous drive breaks through
- India: EPBMs selected for Pune Metro contracts
- TAC Awards: Canada calls for excellence awards
- Career Moves: At HNTB, Golder, Hayward Baker
- TunnelTECH: First use of MSF segments in USA
- China: Slurry TBM begins undersea metro drive
- Lesotho: Polihali Dam diversion works awarded
- Nepal: Early breakthrough for Bheri Babai TBM
- WTC 2019: ITA business for General Assembly
Remembering past colleagues
- Franz Pacher 1919-2018
- Z.Richard Bieniawski 1936-2017
- Dr. Ralph B. Peck 1912-2008
- Walter Christian Grantz 1929-2018
- George D Yoggy 1937-2018
- Lorenz Nummsen 1959-2015
- Sir Alan Muir Wood 1921 - 2009
- Dr Ing Tor L Brekke 1934-2009
- Dr Prof Dan Eisenstein 1936-2009
- Thomas R. Kuesel 1926-2010
News Briefs
- Perth Airport Link reaches Redcliff
- Penang sea crossing to continue
- Oman progresses with new expressway
- California’s Delta plan to be downsized
- Vancouver improves underground water supply
- High-altitude road link opens in Tibet
- Plans for Glasgow metro unveiled
- Lawmakers to visit Gateway project
- Second metro line opens in Fuzhou
- Michigan open to transport oil under Great Lakes
VIDEO REPORTING: High risk TBM drives and insurance cover

Rock bursting at Olmas

TBM headrace drive in Himalayas

Follo Line twin TBM breakthrough

Seymour-Capilano in action

TBM drive under San Francisco Bay

California HSR Southern Alignment

California HSR Northern alignment

Escalating insurance risks