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New Editorial Content
- Hydropower: Ituango diversion collapse review
- Nuclear power: Hinkley Point cooling water drives
- Feedback: Geotechnical description discrepancies
- Products: Digger shield delivered in six weeks
- Products: Torque protection for cutterheads
Recent reporting
- UK: Tideway TBM drives and inner lining details
- Career Moves: Louis Falco makes a change
- Procurement: BART to San Jose contractor input
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Ituango diversion collapse review Ituango diversion collapse review
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From the Editor's Desk - 08 Oct 2020
It all comes back to the decisions made at the time - the information available, the prevailing circumstances, the interpretation of all and the decisions taken considered for the best. It can be the first decision that sets off a chain reaction of unanticipated or unforeseen consequences. In the end someone has to pay. It is just a question of who and when.

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Most recent reporting
- UK: Tideway TBM drives and inner lining details
- Italy: Double breakthrough for Genoa-Milan rail
- Russia: Nizhny Novgorod Metro expansion plans
- India: Gripper TBM heading to Mumbai
- Nepal: Double shield TBM project in procurement
- Career Moves: Falco joins United Underground
- Procurement: VTA BART seeks industry feedback
- WTC extends virtual 2020 congress access
- Virtual ITA General Assembly cancels WTC 2021
- USA: Project Clean Lake progress
TBMs in difficult ground
- Keep TBM moving against the odds
- Rebuilt TBMs, as good as new?
- Clawing success at Arrowhead
- TBM rescue for Tapovan
- TBM conquers Peruvian Andes
- Flexibility for battling poor geology
- TBM success at Kishanganga
- TBM equipped for high water pressure
- Laos early finish despite challenges
- TBMs through on long hydro drive in Ecuador
News Briefs
- Penang to decide on sea crossing
- Options for Blue Mountains bypass
- Forrestfield Airport Link construction progresses
- India opens strategic Himalayan road link
- Breakthrough on Jakarta-Bandung railway line
- Great Lakes oil pipeline concerns
- Vancouver MRT crossing options
- Solutions for Scotland landslide-plagued road
- HS2 option to save time and money
- Erionite concern in New Zealand
VIDEO REPORTING: Long distance excavation experiences

Follo Line TBMs

Follo Line breakthroughs

Olmos rock bursting

Kishanganga headrace TBM

San Vicente breakthrough

Arrowhead completed

Seymour-Capilano drives

Lyon-Turin rail link