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New Editorial Content
- 3D modelling from geotechnical data
- Successes for advancing French Metro systems
- TBMs arrive for Istanbul Metro drives
- Preparations for Crossrail grand opening
TunnelTECH from the Archive
- Detecting boulders at TBM headings
- Keeping underground noise within limits
Dubai WTC 2018 preparations
- Dubai destination for WTC2018 delegates
- Navigate and plan your WTC Exhibition visits
Diary Dates
- 28 Mar-1 Apr: International Mining Games, UK
- 24-27 June: NAT 2018, Washington DC, USA
News from the world media services
3D modelling from geotechnical data
3D modelling from geotechnical data
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From the Editor's Desk - 08 Mar 2018
Increasing reliance on digital data sources and a trend toward collaborative working allows 3D modelling tools to help managers and stakeholders better understand planned underground structures, saving time and money during construction and providing greater confidence regarding long term safety.
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Most recent reporting
- Renovation and repair for historic Maastunnel
- Rebuilt gripper TBM provides value in Chicago
- Pipejacking in the Black Forest
- Senior staff changes at Dr Sauer and Partners
- VIP gaskets win double contract
- Rise in sales of German construction equipment
- Lesotho Highlands Project Phase II in design
- Helsinki-Tallinn undersea link renewed impetus
- Record breaking TBM performance in China
- China: Fatal collapse of TBM drive in Foshan
TBM collapse situations
- Rastatt TBM drive collapse concerns
- Sinkhole disruption in Fukuoka, Japan
- Bertha drive forced to another halt
- Salvage recovers Japan disaster TBM
- Metro sinkhole in Guangzhou
- Fatal collapse on Cologne metro
- Cairo Metro tunnel collapse
- Recovery reveals the unexpected
- Sinkhole bothers Brightwater
- Symptoms of collapse syndrome
News from the world media services
- Tallinn-Helsinki before European Parliament
- First test train through underground Crossrail
- Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao sea link progresses
- China interested in Sweden-Denmark fixed link
- Gotthard Baseline wins European Railway Award
- NewYork/New Jersey invest in Gateway
- Virginia gets new Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel
- Vinci-Spie further contract for Grand Paris Express
- Five short-listed for Brisbane's Cross River Rail
- Perth’s airport rail link on schedule
VIDEO REPORTING – TBM drives in action

Doha Metro TBM achievements

Bertha TBM hyperbaric work

DC Clean Rivers CSO project

EPB LRT breakthrough in Seattle

TBM progress in New Zealand

Fremont pipeline replacement

Ballard Siphon replacement

Bay Tunnel breakthrough