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- Switzerland: Lötschberg lining breach explained
- USA: BART to San Jose under further revision
- Career Moves: Immersed tube expert at Ramboll
- Job Vacancy: Lead estimator post, Barnard, USA
- BTS Dinner: Cancelled for 2020, recall past events
Recent reporting
- Lötschberg inflow through failed lining
- Melbourne West Gate on hold by contaminated soil
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- Datwyler sells civil engineering business
Lötschberg not a membrane failure Lötschberg not a membrane failure
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From the Editor's Desk - 07 May 2020
Further information confirms that the situation in Lötschberg is readily explained and highlights the risk of underestimating the behaviour of groundwater regimes. Draining the groundwater at a heading has been known to cause settlement of 30cm and more, and the draining of a lake, at the top of the mountain. Warning is beware the water.

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Most recent reporting
- Lötschberg inflow through failed lining
- Vice President speaks of DC Clean Rivers project
- Chinese TBM for Mumbai coastal highway drives
- Perth airport link completes TBM excavation
- Construction phase initiated for Fehmarnbelt
- To ease or not amid more Covid-19 cancellations
- Career Moves: Immersed tube expert joins Ramboll
- UK: HS2 Phase 1 moves into mainline construction
- USA: Approval for Potomac CSO in Washington DC
- Covid-19: Economic cost, some lockdown easing
Mega TBM operations
- Melbourne West Gate Highway
- Tokyo ring road drives
- Mega-EPBM for Italian highway tunnel
- Hong Kong awards major undersea highway
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- Technical parameters of Seattle mega EPBM
- Robbins TBM rolls into hard rock history
- Speedy mega TBM for Moscow highway
- Tokyo Bay highway engages eight mega TBMs
- Tracking the world's mega-TBMs
News Briefs
- Planning of Santiago metro line 7 advances
- BC Hydro completes Peace River diversion
- Town crossing completed in Chamba, India
- Los Angeles Purple Line progress
- Brussels one step closer to new metro line
- Drilling for undersea rail crossing in China
- Ceneri Base Tunnel still opens on September 4
- Excavation begins on Cross River Rail in Brisbane
- Major contract awarded for Paris Metro Line 18
- Thames Water announces programme suppliers

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