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New Editorial Content
- Nepal: Proving TBM ability in the Himalayas
- Malaysia: First TBM through for KVMRT Line 2
- Sweden: 14km cable tunnel award for Stockholm
- Germany: Contracts let for new Munich S-bahn
- Turkey: More EPBMs heading to Istanbul
Recent news and reports:
- Urgent infrastructure needs in Nepal
- Back from brink for KVMRT underground works
Diary Dates
- 20-21 Feb: Operations and Maintenance, Sydney
News from the world media services
- TBM arrives for Jakarta-Bandung railway
- Rebidding for India’s longest road link
Actual vs planned progress in Nepal
Actual vs planned progress in Nepal
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From the Editor's Desk - 07 Feb 2019
Predictions of major geological troubles failed to materialise in Nepal resulting in a tremendous success for the Bheri Babai TBM water tunnel drive. Favourable geology is just one of the requirements for success, along with the four Ms of good men, skilled management, robust machinery, and no shortage of money.
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Most recent reporting
- Seattle set for SR99 highway grand opening
- Integrating TBM data management with BIM
- Project schedules presented on an app
- UK investigates hyperloop viability challenges
- ITA COSUF calls Safety Award nominations
- Skills support for young professionals in the USA
- Lesotho expert panel and call for prequalifications
- Funding and TBM readiness for UK potash mine
- Feedback: Deep metro climate control debate
- Discussion Forum: Study into overheating metros
Visions and industry innovations
- Musk talks tunnelling concepts
- Two generations of tunnelling at Herrenknecht
- Self-building immersed tube concept
- Case study: Slurry or EPB for best performance
- TBM equipped to control high water pressure
- Intelligent solutions for drill+blast operations
- European connectivity masterplans
- Iconic underground structures
- In search of resilient cities
- CERN accelerates collider upgrade
News Briefs
- Work to start on Chittagong river crossing
- Concrete poured for Auckland City Rail Link
- Grouting makes US nuclear waste site safe
- Work on Thames Tideway progresses
- TBM cutterhead lowered for Fort Wayne CSO
- Double breakthrough for Mumbai Metro Line 3
- TBM arrives for Jakarta-Bandung railway
- Rebidding for India’s longest road link
- Singapore announces CRL alignment
- Santiago metro Line 3 opens
VIDEO REPORTING for the SR99 highway tunnel in Seattle

Mega Seattle EPBM tested in Japan

Bertha’s bored alignment

Tour of record setting TBM

Seattle SR99 interior

Addressing bearing seal issues

TBM Bertha repair strategy

Seattle Bertha TBM hyperbaric work

Bertha final breakthrough