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New Editorial Content
- India: Collapse on Kolkata Metro drive
- India: Pune Metro finds funding
- Australia: Shortlist for 6km Melbourne road link
- UK: Humber River bore draws slowly to its end
- UK: HS2 confirmed late and over budget
Recent news and reports
- DigIndy TBM more than half way on 45km route
- TBM drives under old town Mumbai
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- Nov 14-15: TBM DiGs 2019
- Nov 18-20: Cutting Edge and ITA Awards
- Nov 26-28: STUVA 2019
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Kolkata Metro settlement damage
Kolkata Metro settlement damage
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From the Editor's Desk - 05 Sep 2019
More than 600km of metro is either being built or planned in India. Excavating under sensitive urban areas is a challenge with success still reliant on the experience of management and the skill of operators.

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Most recent reporting
- USA: DigIndy TBM over halfway on 45km route
- Norway: Late finish on tough Bergen road link
- India: TBM drives under old town Mumbai
- Career moves: WSP USA and HNTB
- China assists Moscow Metro expansion
- Chinese support TBM-bored Helsinki-Tallinn link
- New Brisbane rail line mobilises for construction
- Go or No Go review called for UK HS2 project
- Australian hydro project set for construction
- Excavation finishes on Delaware Aqueduct Bypass
Major projects update
- China assists Moscow Metro expansion
- TBM bore for Helsinki-Tallinn link
- Brisbane Cross River Rail mobilises
- Sydney opens new underground highway
- Hurdles hit Rogfast undersea link
- Revised shortlist for Vancouver Broadway Subway
- Procurement begins for Stonehenge tunnel
- Doubling Severomuiski adds rail capacity in Russia
- California High-Speed Rail project hits the brakes
- Objections as Fehmarn prepares for construction
News Briefs
- Colombo to mitigate flood risks
- Breakthrough at Nepalese hydro project
- Himalayan road link awarded to Apco Infra
- London Underground will heat homes
- Hanoi metro line construction starts in 2020
- Rail underpass being constructed in Baku
- Kenyan water project set for 2020 completion
- Seattle work site prepared for CSO project
- Hudson river rail project cost reduced
- Leeds looking for MRT network ideas
VIDEO REPORTING: Mega TBM operations

Twin breakthrough on the Follo Line

TBM Bertha final breakthrough

Tour of record setting TBM

Bertha’s bored alignment

Waterview project, New Zealand

Rectangular box-jacking TBM

Follo Line TBMs, Norway

Mega Sparvo TBM, Italy