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- Long term repair plan at Lötschberg
- Lötschberg lining breach explained
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Generators of nuclear power and its waste Generators of nuclear power and its waste
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From the Editor's Desk - 04 Jun 2020
As stockpiles of nuclear waste expand inexorably, national programmes for safe disposal underground remain stalled in political indecision and endless study and discussion. A coordinated global approach maybe the only option for breaking through the inertia. A global focus on such a universal hazard appears to be missing with few nations making any headway.

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Most recent reporting
- UK: First three TBMs for HS2 in manufacture
- Switzerland: Plan for long term repair at Lötschberg
- urkey: TBMs making metro progress in Istanbul
- Austria centre for realistic underground research
- Epiroc to phase out Meyco shotcreting line
- Switzerland: Lötschberg lining breach explained
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- Crack width control in FRC segments
- SFRC durability in a chlorinated environment
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- Fibre-reinforced concrete for precast segments
- 20 years of fibre concrete linings in the UK
- Lee Tunnel wins prestigious concreting award
- Spraying ultra-high performance FRC
- Hybrid steel fibre-glass fibre rebar segment
- Lab comparison of steel vs synthetic FRC
- Ridham to cast segments for Tideway West
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- Planning of Santiago metro line 7 advances
- BC Hydro completes Peace River diversion
- Town crossing completed in Chamba, India
- Los Angeles Purple Line progress
- Brussels one step closer to new metro line
- Drilling for undersea rail crossing in China
- Ceneri Base Tunnel still opens on September 4
- Excavation begins on Cross River Rail in Brisbane
- Major contract awarded for Paris Metro Line 18
- Thames Water announces programme suppliers
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